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Stunning Pool Designs That Will Make Your Home Stand Out!

Everyone knows how simple and timeless standard pool designs are. However, imagine having a practical design with an added modern flair. When you decide to invest in a new swimming pool or modernize your existing one, you have the opportunity to express your individuality through gorgeous modern pool designs and breathtaking features.

There are several ways you can do this, and below we’ve covered a few examples of modern pools design and creative ways to modernize your existing pool.

Popular Modern Pool Designs 

  • Adding Elements Of Nature

With so many possibilities online, choosing which pool design is perfect for you can be difficult. One of the more popular pool designs we’ve seen amongst homeowners involves combining a magnificent pool with elements from nature.

It blends seamlessly into your yard and gives you the feeling of swimming in an exotic location when you include a gradual beach-like entry, a calming waterfall flowing over a cluster of natural-looking faux rocks and themed landscaping.

  • Infinity Pools

Infinity pools are something many of us see in magazines and popular home-improvement websites. This is because no matter the size of your yard, it’s a beautiful addition that’s simple, elegant and exceedingly trendy. This on-the-edge pool design is perfect for properties with breathtaking views and pool-side bars.

How To Make Your Old Pool Modern

If you already have a standard pool, there are so many ways you can renovate it to make it a lot more modern. Whether you’re selling your house and would like to add value to your property, or you’d just like to upgrade it for your own enjoyment, adding special features is a cost-effective way to modernize your pool.

  • Lighting

Adding lighting to your pool makes a bigger difference than you’d think. You can do this in various ways, but the latest trend is to have a remote-controlled lighting system installed in your pool. It adds a sense of mysticism at night and can be adjusted to suit the time of day.

  • Decorative Tiling

Decorative tiling is used to create a number of beautiful patterns in your pool that make it more appealing to the eye than the usual dull concrete-covered pools. And if you aren’t one for bright and busy designs, then a darker tile can make it feel like you’re swimming in a stunning lagoon.

However, in Canada, the tile options are somewhat limited. Because although popular tile options everywhere include ceramic, slate and marble, chances are they’ll chip, crack or crumble during the bitterly cold winters we experience. To create a gorgeous look that’ll last years, the best options would be either porcelain, granite or glass.

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