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Pool Opening & Summerize

pool opening

Pool Opening “Cover Removal” (for pricing see “Price List“)

Our comprehensive Cover Removal service includes:

  • Remove, scrub, wash and rinse pool cover & water bags.
  • Fold and tie cover, fold water bags, place in clear plastic bag and store.
  • All debris from pool cover put in garbage bags and taken to street for removal.
  • Chlorine wash walls between coping and water line removing scum line.
  • Rinse and clean deck area around pool.
  • Remount all pool deck equipment and fittings. (diving board, ladder, jets etc.)
  • Includes 20 liters free chlorine to get pool clean.

*for pool covers with extensive leaf debris or green pool water there will be an additional charge.

Start-up package (summerize)

We return once the pool has filled

​Summerize pool equipment:

  • Lubricate plugs, gauges, o-rings and assemble in correct order.
  • Check for any plumbing leaks at pool equipment. (fix minor leak if any.)
  • Skim pool surface of debris
  • Water balance analysis and adjustment as needed.​

Initial Vacuum

This vacuum removes all heavy debris & the majority of the fine debris accumulated over winter, we highly recommend you have this service done to insure a clean pool and a good start to the new season.
(approx. one hour vacuum at an additional charge)

Heater Start-up

Once pool equipment is circulating water, we can send a licensed gas service man to check safety, clean heater and start at an additional charge.

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