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pool services
pool services

Pool Closing & Winterize

pool closing

Pool closings (for pricing see “Price List“)​

Our comprehensive pool closing service includes:

  • Vacuum pool (if required at addition charge for non weekly service customers)
  • Drop water level below all returns for proper winterization of pool
  • Remove all pool deck equipment and fittings. (diving board, ladder, etc.) and store neatly
  • Blow out all water in pool lines and cap in correct order to insure no water remains
  • Blow out all equipment pump, filter, and heater, removing plugs & gauges in correct order to insure no water remains in system.
  • Add our WINTERIZING CHEMICAL KIT to pool to ensure water clarity is sustained over the winter ​(at addition charge price varies according to pool size.)
  • Put winter cover and water bags on pool neatly

Winterizing Chemical Kit (chemical kit at addition charge)

Adding a winterizing chemical kit to the pool upon closing will help keep the water clarity and help protect pool walls and liner as well as making for a quicker opening and start up in the new season.

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