Olympic Pool services has been in operation since 2003 and has grown every year since. With over 15 years of work experience, our success in a short period of time is, in large part, due to our philosophy; "Commitment to making the pool season safe and enjoyable".

Service is our first priority. We keep water chemistry at the top of our list at all times, so you, the pool owner, can be assured of peace of mind when it comes to the health and safety of your pool. We make sure things are done correctly, right from the start.

We are constantly taking courses and attending pool shows and seminars to stay up to date with the latest technologies and changes in the pool world. We are fully equipped with all the proper tools for every aspect of work on your pool.

We pride ourselves on keeping strictly to our agreed schedule, so you know exactly when your pool will be serviced. The same serviceman comes to your home every time, giving you a more personalized pool service. This also insures an accurate track record of your pool maintenance history.


Commitment to making
the pool season

​safe and enjoyable

​We keep an eye on all aspects of your pool maintenance and any potentially costly problems are diagnosed and brought to your attention before any further trouble can occur. The pool season is short, and we know our customers do not want it to be cut any shorter due to a preventable problem that got out of hand. Phone calls are returned within one business day and we offer 24 hour service to all of our full-service pool customers.  We are a full service company and, everything to do with your pool can be looked after by O.P.S.

We would appreciate the opportunity to show you the prompt and professional, reliable, high-quality service company that we are. We invite you to take advantage of our early-bird special for the upcoming season. Please book your pool opening early to avoid any disappointment, as it is the busiest part of the season. We look forward to hearing from you and servicing your pool this season.

Olympic Pool Services is a proud member of the Pool & Hot Tub Council of Canada and the Canadian Better Business Bureau, as well as certified and insured as any good modern business should be.

Tommy Theofilaktidis